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        Our Competitive Advantage

        We believe that our historical success and the foundation for our future growth can be attributed to our principal competitive strengths as follows:

        Reliable Track Record

        Reliable Track Record

        Our proven track record in offering Integrated Plastics Solutions, including Mould design and fabrication services as well as plastic component design and manufacturing services

        High-Quality Customers

        High-Quality Customers

        Our entrenched relationships with high-quality customers from diverse industries

        Strong Research & Development Foundation

        Strong Research & Development Foundation

        Our strong research and development capability and technical expertise that facilitates our business expansion to new markets with high growth potential and good reputation

        Experienced Management Team

        Experienced Management Team

        Our stable and experienced management team with in-depth knowledge and experience

        Tian Chang Group Holdings Ltd. is a well-established provider of Integrated Plastic Solutions in the PRC. For over 17 years, we have specialised in Mould design and fabrication services as well as plastic component design and manufacturing services.

        Our Business Strategies

        Leveraging our competitive strengths and with the business objective to become one of the leading providers of integrated plastic solutions in the PRC, we plan to pursue the following growth strategies:

        1. Expand customer base

        Continue to expand our customer base by focusing on strategically targeted downstream industries

        2. Discover business opportunities

        Further explore business opportunities from our manufacturing of e-cigarette products

        3. To promote production equipment upgrades

        Continue production equipment upgrade and capacity expansion to gain economies of scale and enhance market competitiveness

        4. Enhance research and development strength

        Expand our research and development efforts and capabilities

        We mainly design and manufacture the injection Moulds for injection Moulded components that we use in the internal injection Moulding process.

        Our business model

        Integrated Plastic Solutions

        Integrated Plastic Solutions

        Since our inception in 2000, we have provided integrated plastic solutions covering (i) the design and fabrication of plastic injection moulds; and (ii) design and manufacturing of plastic components employing the plastic injection moulds fabricated internally or by our subcontractors.


        Manufacturing of E-cigarette Products

        Our extensive experience and technical expertise accumulated from our integrated plastic solutions business have enabled us to expand into the manufacturing of e-cigarette products as an OEM since June 2013.

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